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How Can I Make My Yorkie Hair Silky?

The Yorkie’s hair is his biggest asset because this is the part where he can usually get attention from people. Yorkies love bathing and grooming, as much as they love attention.

One advantage of having a Yorkie is it’s never difficult to groom them because their hair doesn’t easily shed its hair. To keep his coat healthy and soft every day, you must know how to take care of it.

How can I make my Yorkie hair silky? Maintain your Yorkie’s hair by feeding it with the right foods. Also, apply shampoo and moisturizing oil on them and groom them every day. You may also have to reconsider the pH level and chemical contents of the shampoo and conditioner.

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In this article, you’ll be able to learn the things that you needed to do to keep your Yorkie’s hair soft and silky. Also, you will learn how many advantages when your Yorkie’s grooming is always on point.

How To Get Your Yorkie’s Hair Silky

A good Yorkie owner would do everything to keep his Yorkie clean and beautiful. There are many factors as to how to make them look more attractive.

Supply Them With The Right Foods

Yorkies can be fussy eaters despite being small, yet it’s vital to keep them healthy with the right amount of food. One of the most effective foods to give them is fish because it gives off Omega-3 Fatty Acids that are responsible for hair growth.

It’s also essential to keep their skin healthy, so give them high-quality foods with protein contents. Their dietary requirements would determine not only their performance but also their appearance.

Apply Shampoos And Moisturizing Oil

The best shampoos for them is a gentle moisturizing shampoo, where you thoroughly rinse it all over his hair. Then after shooking off, wrap him in the towel and allow its hair to be damp.

After that, spray them with a bottle of moisturizing oil and run through his hair so the oil will stick carefully to his hair. Brush his hair so the oil will also distribute throughout his body and brush it in a downward motion.

Groom Them Everyday

Yorkies’ favorite routine is grooming time, so make sure that when you apply another oil set, the Yorkie is drying. In grooming time, you’ll be needing a few essentials, such as moisturizing shampoo, olive oil, and a hairbrush.

It is also essential to saturate his coat with oil so that it will look neater and greasier. Do not forget to brush her hair every day to remove hair tangles.

Things To Consider When Grooming Them

Grooming is one of the most precious times you can spend with your Yorkie. However, there are a few considerations in grooming them.

Check The pH Level

The normal pH level for dogs is 6.0 up to 6.5. And anything that goes beyond 7.0 is considered acidic while below 7.0 is alkaline. Some owners are using human shampoo as an alternative in grooming their dogs.

However, their hair and skin will suddenly run out dry. If you want a better option, consider using baby shampoo because it has weaker chemical contents than the regular adult shampoo.

Chemical Contents Of The Grooming Products

As mentioned, you need to choose what’s best for your Yorkie, especially if they might be a little bit sensitive in their skin. When selecting a product, make sure it’s approved by the veterinarian to avoid your dog from obtaining skin allergies that might stain his appearance.

Go To Your Yorkie’s Vet

Where else could it be to get more wisdom than going to a vet? If you consider taking care of your Yorkie more meticulously and religiously, follow the guidelines that the vet has been instructing you.

If any problems might arise, then always consider taking him to the vet to find a remedy to the problem.

Importance Of Keeping Their Hair Silky

Of course, their coat is undoubtedly their number one asset, and to take that asset away might tell that there might be a problem in his grooming routine. Here is the list of why it is essential to keep their hair silky.

Proper Hygiene

Just like human beings, dogs have to get dolled up to and look beautiful. From the products that you use for them to their physical appearance, you’ll be judged by other dog owners on how you took care of them.

Make sure to consistently use the same products recommended by the vet so they can have healthier skin and coat.

Your Yorkie Gets A Lot Of Attention

It’s a fact that every Yorkie is cute and adorable to look at and play with. Having a beautiful, silky coat would make them head-turners while you’re taking him to a park or mall.

As an owner, it’s always a pride to walk your most beautiful possession with some eyes staring at them in amusement. Your dog will surely look like a walking doll when being appropriately groomed.

Skin Disease Avoidance

Getting a beautiful coat also means that their skin is being well-taken care of. Since only reassuring your pet’s welfare is your primary concern, make sure that your pet is getting a lot of attention when it comes to his hygiene.

To prevent your Yorkie from having contagious skin diseases, you must check its contents first, whether it’s compatible to be used on your Yorkie.

Your Pet Is Clean At All Times

You don’t have to worry if you are too vain in grooming them. What’s more important is that your pet will always look beautiful and clean at all times. Keeping them all beautiful will They might manage to land a commercial by having great silky hair.


The welfare of your dog is always important, and so is his maintenance for beauty. To keep him beautiful at all times, you must condition your dog into grooming every day while maintaining the content level of the products you’re using.

If you wanted to be more knowledgeable about how to make her hair silky and beautiful, you can either visit his vet or look at some information on the internet. There are also some special forums between Yorkie owners for more tips and advice.