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Do Yorkies Need Lots of Exercise? A Yorkshire Terrier is an athletic and agile dog breed. They might be a toy breed, weighing a maximum of 7 lbs, they are spirited pups, with some hunting instinct too. They may be small in nature, but this dog breed requires regular exercise to maintain its healthy physique.

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Do Yorkies need lots of exercise? A Yorkshire Terrier belongs to the family of Terriers, and they have tendencies to hunt, play around outside, and love a good walk. The American Kernel Club suggests up to 30 minutes of exercise daily to ensure a healthy and happy dog.

In this article, you will find out about the importance and benefits of exercise for Yorkies and what are things to consider when exercising.

Type Of Exercise For Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkies are highly intelligent and proactive dogs, an absence of physical activities can lead to some behavioral problems like nuisance barking and destructive temperament. Making functional daily routine exercises can improve their mind and body, and it keeps their metabolism to work continuously and efficiently. Here are some exercises you and your Yorkie can try to stay active and happy:

Yorkie Walking

Walking is an excellent example of moderate exercise. It is the basic exercise you should implement in your dog’s lifestyle. This can be walking around the garden or just walking around the area and should be around 25 – 30 minutes. It’s a good exercise for them to do as they can also explore different areas and be familiar with the environment they are in. Yorkies love to follow routine exercises, so this is perfect for them.

Also, walking helps with separation anxiety. Make sure to walk your pet 20 minutes before you leave to burn energy and make them settle.

High-Intensity Exercise

High-intensity exercise should be short and a bit more intense than walking. It is not necessary to be on a day to day basis. One time per week is enough. There are lots of options you can choose, as this also involves the owner, you can pick the activity you like the best too for optimal results. You can select throwing a ball and have them run around to pick it up. Not only that, this is fun, but your dog will likely develop critical thinking and will be able to follow basic command words.

Yorkies love to run around. It was embedded in their genes as they are one of the curious and playful dog breeds out there. When taking off their leash, you need to keep them supervised for a short amount of time.


To conclude, Yorkies are known to be a smart breed and have too much energy in them. It is very important to take care of that energy and divert it to something useful for them like exercising. It can prevent boredom that can lead to mental issues. Moderate exercise is key for them to be active and happy. You can always incorporate different types of high-intensity exercises like fetch or tug of war.

By following these exercises daily, you will end up having a perfect, healthy, and well balanced Yorkie.

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