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Yorkies In Pairs

Yorkies are the most lovable breed of dog there is. For this reason, a lot of dog lovers chose this dog. Yorkies get along well with other pets at home, so if you have a dog or other animal, they will pretty much behave and get along with you.

But there are some difficulties needed to consider when getting pairs of Yorkies or dogs in general.

Do Yorkies do better in pairs? Getting Yorkies in pairs is probably not the best idea. Getting two dogs one time often leads to one being assertive and the other being submissive. But when getting pairs of dogs in general, the dogs bond with each other and less with humans.

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In this article, we will be discussing getting Yorkies in pairs in general, and we will dive into some concerns and issues that go along with it.

Why Is It Not A Good Idea?

Dogs don’t have the capability to talk, and the only way of communicating through them is through body language.

When you place two dogs in the same home, they will most likely communicate with each other and won’t give enough attention to humans unless it’s feeding time.

Yorkies need a lot of attention and the right amount of social levels. Yorkie puppies must have enough quality time with their owner to develop the bonding experience at 14 weeks.

Having two simultaneously will be difficult for the puppies to know their owners and for you as a dog owner. Dividing attention will only going to make things hard.

One Yorkie At A Time

Yorkies can get along with pretty much any animal. But getting one or more Yorkies together is not advisable, according to experts. The best scenario is probably getting one puppy first.

It would help if you raised it, continue with housetraining, then play and make a connection with it. Once they are properly mature and trained, mostly 5 to 6 months, you can start adding more Yorkie to the family and do the same thing repeatedly.

Yorkie With The Opposite Sex

If you want to pursue getting more Yorkies and are sure that this is your chosen path, choose the second puppy carefully to make sure that it will be compatible with the first one. It is best to go for the opposite sex.

It will be a good idea as if you’re into breeding, there’s a big chance of successful procreation, and you will be able to raise second-generation puppies because you’re the one responsible for raising the other two.


Overall, Yorkies are good as beginners’ dogs. They are easy to take care of. They do not require a big space in the house as they are small.

Finding a pair for your Yorkie is a good idea as they need some companion when you’re away working. Just be mindful of the cons attached to it.