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Can Yorkies Jump High?

Yorkies are dogs full of energy, and they love to jump and bark around. It is their way of showing excitement when they meet someone new. It is also their way of burning excess energy that has been accumulating in their body for quite some time. But some people aren’t a fan of this kind of enthusiasm mainly because they are concerned about their dogs and other people around them.

Can Yorkies jump high? Yorkies can jump high, but it will always depend on their size as a grown adult. They can jump as high as 24 inches and more. It is an alarming behavior as it can hurt them when they land.

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Jumping can show a sign of affection to their owners on a certain level. More than that, it can hurt them if they continuously do it. This article will allow you to learn some useful tips that can help to calm jumping Yorkies.

How To Calm A Jumping Yorkie

No one wants to have a hyperactive dog. Such dogs can get quite annoying. And this is not a good behavior to have. They might be experiencing some medical or mental issues you are not aware of. Using these ways, you can train them to calm down and behave normally.


When having a Yorkie, it is crucial to follow their routine as much as possible. It is probably one of the best tools you can have. When a Yorkie has a routine, they know what is expected of them. And some unruly behavior like excessive jumping can be limited because they know what is coming.

It might take more time for them to settle down. But the important thing about having a routine is that with frequent action, your pet will cope up with it accordingly.

Active Toys

Toys make a lot of difference when it comes to treating their excessive jumping. When you give them a squeaker toy, they will destroy it in mere seconds. Get some toys that require your Yorkie to think and to be physical. An excellent example of these is Kong Dog Toys. There are different varieties of these toys that need your dog to think to get their treat inside.

Can Yorkies Jump High?


It is one of the most successful training to apply in your Yorkie’s routine. Having enough exercise will have them behave accordingly. Instead of taking your Yorkie for a walk, try incorporating some training to improve their behavior. Many Yorkies owners opt for training that will develop their dog’s agility. It is a type of training that perfectly works for their hyperactive issues.


Overall, Yorkies are playful dogs, and they love to jump as high as possible. But this behavior should not be encouraged. They can hurt themselves, and without proper training, it can be quite annoying sometimes.

Yorkies are smart dogs, and with proper training, they can eliminate this unruly behavior. Make sure to pat them when they do something good because it can go a long way from their perspective.