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Can Yorkies Be Left Alone?

Yorkies are sociable animals that thrive with attention, love and care! Their affection for and attachment to their humans are obvious, too. But it can be a double-edged sword because they can experience separation anxiety more keenly than other breeds.

So, can Yorkies be left alone? Yes, they can, but the length of time they can be left alone depends on their age and training. They cannot also be left alone for extended periods because they are likely to suffer from separation anxiety. 

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Read on and find out how much time Yorkies should be left alone and what you can do to ease their separation anxiety.  We also recommend a few toys for their enjoyment.

Consider Your Yorkie’s Age

The key element in the number of hours Yorkies can be left alone at home is their age. Keep in mind that puppies need constant attention and care.

As such, puppies up to 18 months old shouldn’t be left alone for more than three hours a day. You can leave puppies for two to three hours but no more lest they become stressed.

Adult Yorkies, usually more than 18 months old, can be left for longer periods. But be sure to limit it to about four to six hours. They should have been accustomed to being left alone, and they will likely play with their toys and sleep while waiting for your arrival.

As for older Yorkies, they can manage on their own for two to six hours. If your Yorkie is already advanced in age, you may want to leave him for shorter periods only.  

Let Your Yorkie Become Accustomed To Being Left Alone

Of course, your life doesn’t entirely revolve around your Yorkies. You may have a full-time job, or you have to travel for a few days, perhaps weeks.

Arrange For A Dog Sitter At Home Or Place Them In A Kennel

Your Yorkies will then have a human to look after them as well as other dogs to socialize with.  These are viable options when you’re leaving for extended periods.

Train Your Yorkie

You should train your Yorkies to be comfortable with being left on their own, too.

Before leaving in the morning, take your Yorkies for a long walk, so they burn off their excess energy. They will then spend most of their alone time sleeping. 

Establish A Routine When Leaving And Follow Closely

Leave them sufficient food and water to last for a few hours until your return.

Give them their favorite toys and chews so they can be entertained. Think about interactive toys that will stimulate their minds. 

We suggest these toys if you don’t already have them. 

Furbo Dog Camera

Can Yorkies Be Left Alone?

Aside from allowing live monitoring of your Yorkies, it’s an interactive toy for them, too! Just fill it with their treats and let them play catch. 

StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy

Can Yorkies Be Left Alone?

It can also be filled with your Yorkies’ favorite treats, and they will be challenged to get them out. The toy wobbles and bobbles so it’s a stimulating toy. 

You may also consider medications to calm down your Yorkie. Be sure to ask your vet first for recommendations.


Overall, Yorkies can be left on their own, but you should limit the time you’re away from them. It is the price, so to speak, for their loyalty, affection and love for you.