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Can I Use Baby Shampoo On My Yorkie?

Yorkies are energetic puffballs who loved to take a bath, unlike any other dogs. Since you’ve been living with your Yorkie, you might have an idea as to which things they are allergic to. Many said that if you use an adult, human shampoo is bad for Yorkies, but using baby shampoos might be different.

Can I use baby shampoo on my Yorkie? Yes, you can use a mild content baby shampoo on your Yorkie, but regular human shampoo isn’t. Baby Shampoos have something to do with the pH level, and chemicals are matched with the dog’s shampoos.

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In this article, you will learn why you can use baby shampoos on Yorkies and why regular shampoos are a bad idea to apply to your dogs.

Using Baby Shampoo

To clarify, baby shampoos are only ideal to serve as alternatives to dog shampoo because of its safe chemical contents. However, there are still some things that needs consideration. Check them below:

Consider The pH Level

The regular pH balance for dogs would be from 5.5 to 7.5, and any level that goes below 6.4 is considered highly acidic while beyond 6.4 is high alkalinity.

Baby shampoos are ultra-sensitive to baby skins, so its pH level might be around 6.4 to avoid skin rash. When baby shampoos are being applied to dogs, then it can prevent skin and coat issues that may devastate you.

Ensure That The Chemical Contents Are Mild

Baby shampoos are specially made and formulated for babies and people who have sensitive skin. Unlike regular adult shampoos, baby shampoos have safer chemicals that couldn’t leave a skin problem to your Yorkie.

However, it is still most recommended to use a shampoo that’s specifically made for dogs to keep him away from sensitive skin issues.

Why Are Regular Shampoos Are Nit Good For Dogs?

As mentioned, you have to know that using regular shampoos can inhibit stronger effects on Yorkies.

Yorkies’ Skin Is Sensitive

As mentioned, Yorkies needed a lower acid level because it might create a disastrous skin and coat disease. Regular shampoos are made to replace the human protective skin layer that gets scrubbed.

Since both dogs and humans possessed an acid mantle that fights against unwanted bacteria and infection, if regular shampoos are applied, it might be peeled off their acid mantle.

Use Oatmeal-based Shampoos

One of the most effective shampoos for dogs is oatmeal-based shampoos because they are tender to the skin. Oatmeals are known to be great to ease itchiness and skin irritation.

Also, oatmeal shampoos have formulated ingredients that could result in more moisturizing skin. This shampoo has to be tried out at least once a week only to avoid dry skin.


Giving your Yorkie a bath time is a special means of taking great care of them. For more information on how to get better skin and coat results, it’s better to have it checked with their local vet. You can also attend some online forums to see the most recommended products for your Yorkie.