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Can I Cut My Yorkie Hair Myself?

Yorkshire terriers, or Yorkies, have silky, shiny, and smooth coats that contribute to their irresistible beauty. But there’s a downside to it, too! Yorkie hair can become easily tangled, and matted, so regular trimming is a must.

Can I cut my Yorkie hair myself? Of course, you can cut your Yorkie’s hair! But you should also consider its pros and cons, as well as the pros and cons of professional grooming.

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Read on and find out these pros and cons so you can make a smart decision. If you think that the advantages of DIY trimming outweigh the cons, you will also know the step-by-step process.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Professional And DIY Grooming

If you decide to go the DIY route, you will enjoy savings since you’re not paying the grooming fee. Your primary expense will be the grooming materials, such as brushes, scissors, and clippers. You will get your money’s worth, too, since these tools can be used over several years. 

You can also cut your Yorkie’s hair in the comfort of your home, an advantage considering the current pandemic. You won’t become unnecessarily exposed to the coronavirus. You won’t be spending on gas, too, and other car maintenance costs.

But you must also consider the cons. You may not have the grooming experience so that the grooming process will take a longer time. You may even cause discomfort for your dog because of your mishandling. Your Yorkie will likely have an uneven cut, too.

As for professional grooming, you have the assurance that the groomers are indeed experienced in their craft. Your Yorkie will look great, not to mention that you can be informed of possible issues.

For example, your Yorkie may have an undiagnosed and, thus, untreated scalp issue discovered during grooming.

There’s the issue of paying for professional grooming services, which can be expensive depending on the treatment. You may or may not have the money for it, especially in these difficult times. 

The Step-by-step Guide To Cutting Your Yorkie’s Hair

Let us assume that you want to cut your Yorkie’s hair at home. Do the following steps to get the best possible results. 

  1. Using a pin brush, brush your Yorkie’s hair. Give him a bath with shampoo and conditioner, and rinse thoroughly afterward. Pat dry or blow-dry his hair until it’s completely dry.

  2. Using a comb, brush his hair until there are no tangles, knots, and mats.  

  3. Place him on a non-slip surface at your chest or waist level, whichever height you’re comfortable with. (A dry bath mat will do the trick)

  4. Start trimming the hair on his body using a 4F blade. Begin at the neck and move toward the tail. Trim in the direction where the coat grows for an even cut. (Select a lower-numbered blade for a longer hair length)

  5. Trim his belly and bottom area using a 5F or 5 blade although a 7F or 7 blade will also do. Be careful about trimming these areas due to their sensitivity.

  6. Trim his legs, feet, and tail with thinning shears or with a 4 blade.

  7. Trim his face starting with around the eyes and visor followed by the ears. 

In a way, trimming your Yorkie’s hair can be nerve-wracking the first time. Practice makes perfect, so don’t give up.


You can cut your Yorkie’s hair and think of it as part of your responsibility. You may have fun doing it, and your Yorkie may even think of it as playtime.