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Best Treats For Yorkies ~ Deciding which dog treats to buy can be a bit of a hassle, let alone finding the best one for your Yorkies.  But the truth is, your pet doesn’t really care what brand or kind of treat you present to them, as long as it smells good, they will love it.

There are plenty of available treats in the market. You can find a wide range of dog treats and products that is jam-packed full of nutrients and vitamins. Some of the famous brands include Bil-Jac, Charlee Bear treas, Jack&Pup, and Fruitables.

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You are the only one who would care about the quality of treats and what is best for your Yorkie. Which is why proceed learning some of the top brands and most buzzed-about dog treats available in the market below.

It will give you an idea of what to get in terms of price tag and overall benefits for your furry little Yorkie.

Bil-Jac Little-Jacs Small Dog Treats

Bil Jac is one of the best dogs treats brands that you can find out there. They are quite a famous brand because of their offerings that fit whatever your needs are. This product is made for small dogs just like your Yorkie and is made to be on a smaller scale and quite moist.

Made from chicken liver, these treats are specially made for Yorkies with allergies. Little Jac Dog Treats are packed with protein nutrition from its primary source, which is real chicken. You get more nutrition as their ingredients are primarily from fresh produce.

Bill Jacs also is a good source of natural fat. With real chicken as their base, you can get enough nutrition and protein that your York is going to love.

Charlee Bear Grain-Free Treats

Charlee Bear is a reputable brand that offers all-natural, healthy, and wholesome ingredients dog food and treats. They have apples, turkey, chicken, and blueberries.

It is made mostly in the United States, and all the products are from there. Chicken, pumpkin, and apple-flavored treats known to be their best selling products. They are grain-free and use palm oil and a little bit of cinnamon for added flavor and aroma.

They also come in as handy treats as you can put them in a pocket and won’t smell, grease, or made a mess inside your pocket.

This dog treat serves a useful purpose, especially when it comes to their training. You can give this treat as a reward whenever your pet follows instructions or commands.

It packs with all the protein and fat they need and contains three calories, so you don’t have to worry about getting your dog out of shape.

Jack&Pup Premium Grade Treats

Does your Yorkie like to chew and bite on to something they aren’t supposed to? These Jack & Pup will be an excellent way to remove that kind of behavior, and it will also help your Yorkie’s teeth. These sticks are made from savory beef and all-natural ingredients, and it is super digestible and mildly-hard suitable for small dogs like your Yorkie.

Since it is made of all-natural ingredients, it won’t cause you any side effects. These Bully sticks are 6 inches long that contains beef muscles without any preservatives or artificial flavoring. With the perfect consistency and thickness, Jack & Pup Junior Bully Sticks can help to sustain your Yorkies’ teeth in an excellent condition to avoid tartar build-up and strengthen gums.

Fruitables Pumpkin Dog Treats

One of the best vegans treats out there! These Fruitables’ pet treats contain pumpkin, banana, apple, berries, pecan, and some sweet potato. They have made these treats as good as it smells and still delivers the crunchy flavor every Yorkie would love.

One of the not so secret ingredients you can find in any Fruitables’ pet treats is pumpkins. They are nature’s superfood and a good source of antioxidants. They are rich in Beta-carotene, essential vitamins and nutrients, fiber, and low in calories.

Full Moon All Natural Human Grade Dog Treats

One of the great things about Full Moon is that it was owned by a family and offers the best all-natural treats, especially for small dogs around the globe. They also have different flavors to choose from, like Chicken Nugget, Sliced pork jerky, and some good old chicken strips.

Full Moon is a brand that is perfect for the Human Grade concept. Human Grade means that all of the ingredients are fit for human consumption, and all their treats are set to the same standards required for their food intake.

Full Moon abides by specific standards that if it’s not suitable for human consumption, then it is not good enough for your pets. They produced all their ingredients in their kitchen just like any human food production company.

Additional Notes

As for any purchase, you need to consider different factors, and it is quite impossible to find the perfect one because there is no perfect product, but there is a suitable one. But if you know your dog and you know what they like, it is not going to be a hard decision.

If you are still having a hard time, Full Moon is perfect for you. They are suitable for Yorkies and one of the most popular choices amongst this list. The packaging comes in a very adorable pack, and their mission and vision align with every dog owner’s needs.


Overall, there are quite a variety of dog treats to choose from. But always remember that it is all about finding the perfect brand that suits your furry friend.

Also, most pet owners suggest experimenting with different products such as the products listed above to see which one is your Yorkies favorite. Dogs are carnivorous types, so they crave some meat taste, but you can introduce some vegan options in the mix to balance it out.