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Are Yorkies Jumpers?

Every Yorkie owner will notice that Yorkies love attention, and when doing so, they can be very active and hyper in different situations. In general, this is a normal behavior that means that they are excited about meeting someone. They may also do this to release that pent-up energy in their body.

Are Yorkies jumpers? Yes, Yorkies love to jump. It is a very natural instinct that has been embedded in their genes ever since they were little. It can also be interpreted as a greeting to their owners or when meeting their furry friends or just another human being.

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In this article, you will find about Yorkies jumping behavior and how to minimize this kind of behavior.

Why Do Yorkies Jump?

There are several factors to consider why Yorkies jump on people or fellow canines. Popular opinions about these are because they want to impose dominance and to show gratitude when greeting someone new. The truth is, they want to get someone’s attention.

You might have been treating your dog for jumping without you knowing it. The truth is when you say stop or give it punishment or just raising your voice to adhere to dominance, this behavior is perceived by dogs that they are getting what they are after, your attention.

As a result, any attention you give to them or other people may be recognized as a reward. And it makes sense then that instead of rewarding them for jumping up, it makes it even more rewarding when they keep on jumping all the time.

Minimizing The Jumping Behavior

When trying to reduce jumping, there are two things that you need to have patience and persistence. There are things you need to do and should avoid. Always remember that training is key, and consistency is your utmost priority.

Withhold Attention

It is hard to turn your back, especially when it comes to your Yorkies, but trust me, you will benefit from it in the long run. This technique involves withholding your attention. As soon as they start to jump, turn your back on them, cross your arms, and do not make a sound. If they run around to face you, turn your back on the other side. It will give your Yorkie the idea that there is time for play.

Reward Good Behavior

Rewards are what Yorkies always after. They know if you have something up on your sleeve the moment you got your treats at hand, so whenever you are working on minimizing unwanted jumping, it can come in handy. As soon as they are standing in front of you, all paws on the floor, give them a treat and praise them well. Keep it simple and low key, or else it might ignite that fire up energy, you are trying to minimize.


To conclude, jumping is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can lead to some minor to major accidents. You are lucky to have a Yorkie with a petite body. You can imagine what other dog owners have been experiencing with larger dogs. It can get pretty overwhelming.

Learn to minimize your Yorkies’ urge to jump is the key to avoid these incidents. Follow the tips and guidelines written in this article, and you’ll have a healthy and accident-free relationship with your Yorkie.

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