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Are Yorkies Intelligent?

A Yorkshire Terrier, also known as Yorkies, is the most popular toy breed due to its adorable physique and affectionate demeanor. However, you may be wondering if the outside capacity is the same as the mental capacity.

Are Yorkies intelligent? Yes, Yorkies do possess a high mental capacity and highly intelligent among dogs. According to statistics, they are above average dogs. They even ranked 37th place in terms of working and obedience intelligence.

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You will find out why Yorkies are known to be smart dogs in this article. Yorkies are known to be intelligent and can learn tricks and commands quickly and easily, but there’s more to dog IQ than obedience and working intelligence.

The Finest Small Hunters

Yorkies possess instinctive intelligence. It is the innate ability or skill that was embedded into a breed of dogs. They are bred to be hunters, as you might have known by now, these dogs are bred to hunt ratters in mines, and because of their small physique, they can reach even the tiny crevices in the mines.

Hunting is a prime example of instinctive intelligence, and Yorkies have that. And because they are good at it, they ranked high in that department.

Above Average Intelligence

They might not be in the Top 10 or the Einstein of the dog world, but they are quite smarter than any other dog breed. They are alert, curious to know a lot about stuff, quite nosy to be honest, and they figure out things pretty quickly. And because they bond easily with their owners, they are very easy to train as they like to please their owner with their wits and devotion.

Bred To Work

They are considered to be a working class. Throughout history, Yorkies are originally bred to be rat catchers and were valued for keeping the 19th-century clothing mills free from vermin. Being bred to work plays a vital role when figuring out intelligence to dogs. Working dogs are considered to be highly trainable. Good trainers can accomplish anything with dogs, but with working dogs, their mindset is the easiest to teach.

Basic Training

Training with Yorkies should be given the moment they reach their new home. The first lesson is to introduce them to their new home, getting familiar with the location of their food and drinks, and the place where they can sleep and do potty.

When it comes to training, Yorkies pretty much can catch up tricks and obedience training with minimal repetitions. With enough patience and consistency within three months old, they can pretty much do anything in order the way you trained them.


As mentioned above, Yorkies are above average when it comes to intelligence. They may not be top on the top 10 list, but this breed is pretty smart regardless of their size. They get bonded easily with their owners. That’s why training is simple for them, and in just a few weeks of house training, your Yorkie will soak up pretty much everything you teach them for the rest of their lives.