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Are Yorkies Dangerous?

Dog temperament means the physical, mental, and emotional qualities of a dog’s nature. However, when it comes to Yorkshire Terrier, it might be on the opposite side. Even though they are small and fragile, a Yorkie can be feisty and naturally protective with their humans. Regardless of their feistiness and eager behavior, they are the most lovable and danger-free pets in your house.

Are Yorkies dangerous? No. Yorkshire Terriers are not dangerous. They are the most lovable pets and perfect home buddy if you have a small family. Though it may seem they are very overprotective of their owners, they are just expressing their tender loving care.

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The Pros Of Owning A Yorkie

Before adopting a Yorkie, here are some of the advantages that you may want to look at:

Devoted Companion

As per their history, they were responsible for killing vermin and rats in the mines back in the day. But now, they are just an adorable little furry dog that devotes their life to their owners. Yorkies are known to be affectionate and love to cuddle and have physical contact with their respective owners.

Small Physique

A lot of dog owners do not necessarily pick Yorkshire Terriers as their first choice. Mainly because their size can connotate weak and innate fragility, but they are the perfect house pets because they do not require big spaces to feel at home.

They can easily carry around without the need for any equipment or tools.

Perfect Watchdogs

Watchdogs do not necessarily mean that they can physically charge and defend their owners. They have a small body with limited capacity. However, they are naturally protective, have a keen sense of hearing, and maybe a little feisty. They can quickly alert their owners if there is danger approaching and will bark endlessly.

Smart Dog

Yorkshire Terriers may not be in the top 10 smartest dogs, but according to the statistics, they are above average in three different categories. Since they are naturally bred to be working dogs, they have a high capacity in their brain to function more than any other dog breeds.

They can be trained easily. After all, they were initially domesticated to respond to human instruction. The fact that they can do some tricks with limited repetition is a plus for this dog breed.

Peaceful Pet

Yorkshire Terriers may seem to look like with each other, but they are quite different in so many ways. While some are snappy and aloof with some pets or humans, they are generally friendly and peaceful. It makes the household calmer if you have a Yorkie as a pet.


Overall, all dog lovers have their preferences when it comes to choosing their breed of dogs. There is a wide range of available breeds to choose from, but Yorkshire Terriers are one of the popular choices because of what is mentioned above.

The sheer amount of advantages they have can be beneficial for you and your family. Once you have your very own Yorkshire Terrier, you will never go back into picking other breeds.