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Yorkies Cold At Night

A Yorkie is a small breed of dogs having only one layer of coat. Some may appear to be undercoated due to the density of their coat in some cases. With having only one coat, Yorkies do get cold at night, especially during winter.

Are Yorkies cold at night? Yes, Yorkies get cold at night compared to other breeds. Their one-layered coat of hair is not enough to keep them warm during cold nights. Yes, a coat of hair, not a coat of fur.

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This article aims to quench your curiosity about if Yorkies are cold at night. Aside from that, I will be discussing how to protect them during winter and cold nights.

Yorkies And Their Coat

A Yorkie breed has two types of coat; a silky coat and a cotton coat. A silky coated Yorkie has that glossy, fine silk texture coat of hair. Cotton-coated Yorkies have much thicker hair that does not grow any longer.

However, cotton-coated Yorkies are considered a breed that should not be bred as their coat is prone to mats. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with owning cotton-coated Yorkie, but they will require higher grooming maintenance.

Now, you’re probably wondering the difference between a coat of hair and a coat of fur. To keep it short, hair-coated breeds have lesser shedding than the furry ones due to their slow renewal cycle. Also, hair-coated dogs have smoother and silkier hair.

Caring For Your Yorkie During Cold Nights

Now, I will talk about the things you should do to protect your Yorkies from the cold.

Winter Coat Care

Due to static build-up, the cold season will affect your Yorkie’s coat causing split-ends and flyaways. The term for this is Trichoptilosis. Trichoptilosis start to occur when the protective cuticle is destroyed at the end of the hair.

Aside from Trichoptilosis, dry skin caused in the winter is also common in Yorkies. But, do not worry as I will be giving you pro tips, too.

Preparation For Cold Days

Below are the two main things you should do to keep your Yorkies safe from the cold weather.

Apply Moisture In The Air

Using a humidifier to moisturize the air during cold nights is advised to protect the Yorkie’s coat and skin. Humidifiers do things several things that help protect your little friend. It will keep the skin moisturized, keeps the coat healthy, and prevents dryness of a Yorkie’s nose and lips.

Apply Moisture In The Coat

To moisturize the Yorkie’s coat, you can use a light leave-in conditioner. A dog-quality leave-in conditioner protects hair strands from damage due to static conditions. Do not use too much to avoid an oily shine that prevents a healthy airflow to the skin.

Dry Skin During Winter

Often, untreated previous dry skin problems on Yorkie centers into major issues. Winterizing a Yorkie usually means that the Yorkie had track records on dry skin that developed during winter.


Considering using a quality balm to winterize and protect that nose and paws. It will help you avoid the risk of problems.

Paws And Nose

A quality balm will protect your Yorkie e’s paws and nose leather. Consider a balm you can carry with you and keep applying it to your dog’s nose every so often.


To conclude, a Yorkie quickly gets cold during nighttime, especially in winter, due to their one-layered hair. Things you need to protect your y Yorkie are not entirely expensive and will surely last the entire season.