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Are Yorkies A One Person Dog?

Yorkshire Terriers, or most commonly called as Yorkies, are small, adorable dogs with competitive spirits. They are packed with adult personalities trapped in small bodies and any family who owns one is lucky enough to be their companion.

Are Yorkies a one-person dog? It depends. According to studies, their social relation is related to their sexes. Male Yorkies tend to be more loyal to one person, whereas the female Yorkies can bond with anyone in the family.

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For those who want to find out some social characteristics and some basic things that people love about Yorkies, this short read is for you.

Social Relationship With Masters

Many would testify that keeping a Yorkie has a lot of advantages when it comes to inter-relationship because they are too attached to their human masters.

Yorkies Are Loyal

Yorkies tend to stand beside their owners as they are loyal to everyone in the family. At a young age, they should be taught to stand beside their owners and hurting them won’t be the last thing a Yorkie would do.

Yorkies Protects Their Family

Yorkies are known to be protective of their owners because of their terrier ancestry. For instance, they can watch over a watchdog or any stranger, and they would bark at them when they go near their beloved masters. Despite its small size, they are generally aggressive towards other people, especially when these people caused him trauma in the past.

Yorkies Love Everyone In The House

Yorkshire Terriers are known to be fun-loving and eccentric towards everyone who matters to them. Trusting the rest of your family is easy once you train them. However, they can be jealous dogs too.

Yorkies Plays With Kids

To prove that Yorkies are not just one-person dogs, they can also get bubbly with kids. But there has to be precaution when you let your child play with them. Even if they are small, Yorkies deserved gentleness and respect too, even when they are fierce and moody at times. You can also join with them while playing to supervise them on not hurting each other.

Yorkies Loves Cuddling

Yorkies would love to play and sit on your lap and can get all playful. They are naturally soft and have silky coats that you can enjoy cuddling with. They are also loud when you tickle their tummies. They are sweet, even at times they can get aggressive during cuddling, but playing with them would be as fun.


To conclude, owning a Yorkie is a fulfillment because they are dogs with tremendous loyalty. They may be small in size and height, but they can get overprotective with anyone. To help them get along with the rest of the family, train to introduce them daily so that they would be able to establish trust. To know how to train your dog to get along with people aside from your family member, it’s better to look it over to the internet for further research. In that way, you may be able to understand your pet better.