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Are Dog Tear Stains Permanent?

Frustrated is one feeling that a dog owner would feel when they saw a reddish-brown streak in their dog’s eyes. There are different causes that a dog tear stain occurs, and many would say that it’s due to genetics, breed characteristics, and white fur breeds. Meaning, dog tear stains are much more noticeable in breeds with white or light coats. And it is caused by both medical and external factors.

Are dog tear stains permanent? Dog tear stains aren’t permanent. You can remove it with some home remedy or buy aa remover. But before buying and applying a remover, you need to consult a vet first.

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In this article, you will learn that dog tear stains aren’t permanent. We will also give you lists of a variety of dog eye problems that affect the drainage, causing excessively watery eyes.

Cause Of Dog Tear Stain

Excessive tearing is one of the effects of a dog’s eye irritation or if their tears aren’t draining properly. Dog’s like humans, when there’s a speck of dust blow into it, they cry to flush away those harmful things.

But when their eyes are irritated, it is another story because it can lead to chronic tearing that produces stains. And conditions that might irritate their eye include infection, glaucoma, eyelash, or eyelid problems.

But as said by many, it can be removed as long as you immediately take care of it. One remover that a dog owner can use is the dog stain removers that are available online.

A tear stain remover will work, but remember to always ask your vet first before purchasing one. It’s to avoid any side effects that might take whenever you use a dog tear stain remover bought online.

Different Variety Of Dog Eye That Affects Drainage

In a normal dog eye, you will notice that there is a small hole that helps drain the tears away from the eye to the throat. That is why we listed some dog eye problems that cause excessively watery eyes, and here are some of those:

1. Shallow eye sockets – when the eyes aren’t big or deep enough, the tears spill out around the dog’s eyes.

2. Inward Eyelids – if the eyelids roll in towards the eyeball. Then the puncta, which are the drainage holes for tears, are being blocked.

3. Hair growth around the eyes – can wick the tears from the eyes and onto the face because the hair grows too close to the dog’s eyes.

4. Blocked Drainage holes – dogs drainage holes can be affected by the previous dog eye infection or eye damage that causes scar tissue. And when there are scars, it blocks some of the drainage passage for their tears.


Overall, dog tear stains aren’t permanent and can be removed immediately if you know what causes it. We also learned that one cause is the blockage of the tear drainage that can be caused by an eye infection or eye damage.

And we listed dog eye variety to know and understand more what causes blockage of tear drainage. A dog tear stain can be removed by dog tear remover, but remember to always advise your vet first before buying.