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Yorkishire Terriers

Yorkies or Yorkshire Terriers are popular because of their affection, adventurous spirit, and, most importantly, their intelligence. There are plenty of things you can love about a Yorkie, and you can’t escape their loving aura once you hold them.

What are Yorkies known for? Most Yorkies are known for their long hair, distinct color, and their spunky personality. This is why they have earned the nickname of the “tomboy toy,” and many people are looking for some company that will make them happy.

This article will give you more information if you are looking to adopt or breed some Yorkies. You might need to gather all information before adopting one so you know what to expect. Yorkies are not a complicated breed of dogs as long as you know how to take care of them.

The Terrier Breed

Yorkies are part of the terrier group, and it is a large one with dogs of many shapes and sizes. The only difference is that their appearance can vary from one to another, but the terrier breeds have the same personalities.

This includes them being energetic all the time and sometimes very mischievous. Terrier is a term derived from the Latin word terra, which basically means earth, and it has earned this name because they love to dig.

Back in the day, their job was to dig for ground-burrowing creatures like badgers, foxes, moles, rats, and other rodents. Most of the terriers were bred initially for this purpose so they can chase away vermin.

As a result, they were primarily found in many crops, stored foods, and some stables for them to protect.

Although Yorkies can make great household pets, they tend to be yappy. As a result, not all people enjoy this kind of behavior, and they need a lot of maintenance, especially in terms of dental care. You will find out more about what Yorkies are known for and what attention they need below.

Things Yorkshire Terrier Are Known For

The Yorkshire Terriers are known to be quite full of themselves, and why not? They are considered one of the most glamorous dog breeds with their long silky coat and perky topknot.

Because they are small, they can travel in style as they fit in many dog purses toted around by their owner. The long steel-blue and tan coats are one of the most known qualities of a Yorkies coat.

Here are other Yorkshire Terrier characteristics and personalities that made them one of the most popular dog breed in America:

Yorkies Are Called The Tomboy Toy

Yorkshire Terriers might be on the smaller scale of any dog breed out there but do not be fooled by their tiny stature. They can grow up to 5 to 7 pounds of a pure tomboy, and their spunky personality has earned the nickname, the tomboy toy.

It means that the dog’s high head carriage and the confident matter should give the appearance of vigor and self-importance.

Because of all these traits, many Yorkshire Terriers do well in popularity and sports. They have the agility to do therapy work, and this is what makes them the perfect companions and as a family dog.

Yorkie’s Coat Resembles Human Hair

If you find a dog that has a long, flowing, silky coat that swishes around the show ring, then it must be a Yorkshire Terrier. It is one of their most known physical qualities, and this beautiful feature is also incredibly time-consuming in terms of maintenance.

This is because the coat is similar to human hair, and it tangles into knots if the owner does not brush it every day.

Also, it can break easily when brushing against carpets in your home, so you need to be careful with it.

The bonus is that Yorkies do not have an undercoat, so their coat does not shed anymore compared to human hair. Many breeders recommend keeping their Yorkies in a puppy cut that is short and easy to maintain.

Yorkies Have A Blue-collar Background

Yorkies are known to have a blue-collar background, contrary to the glamorous life they live in now. They are known to catch rats and other vermin in many underground tunnels back in the day.

Sometimes, this particular instinct still comes out in their play, and many owners put it to work in a non-competitive AKC test. These kinds of tests allow many dogs to test their ability to pursue caged rats underground.

Toto Might Be A Yorkie, According To Some Fans

This can be a center of debate among Cairn Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier fans out there. The original first edition of L. Frank Baum’s book “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” depicts Toto as a Yorkie.

The assumption actually makes sense to a lot of people considering the breed was popular at the time. The illustrator W.W Desnslow owned one, and it might not be for sure. But in the movie, Toto was played by a Cairn Terrier, so you decide, but it falls in the terrier category.

One Yorkie Was A War Hero

Believe it or not, back in World War 2, a Yorkie named Smoky was credited with saving the lives of many soldiers by dragging a communications cable.

This is through 8-inch-wide, 60-foot-long drainage culvers, and she was also thought to be the world’s first therapy dog. Smoky was found by an American soldier in 1944 all the way back in the Papua New Guinea jungle.

He then brought it back to the barracks, and a United States Army Corporal took her into his own care.

Yorkies Aren’t Afraid Of The Big City

Even a small breed of dog like a Yorkie can still succeed in big cities and other large urban areas. As a matter of fact, Yorkies routinely make the top list of NYC’s most popular breeds, but they have dropped in numbers over the past few years.

This number alone can come in handy when a truck backfired or a crowd scurries around them on the sidewalk.

Giving them proper socialization from a very young age and then lead them through an excellent Canine citizen is what you need to do. It means that you can help to ensure our pint-sized pup can live up to the expectation of a big urban city.

Yorkies Need Extra Dental Care

Like many breeds of dogs, Yorkies are prone to specific health issues, and they are known to have dental problems. They will generally need to visit the doggy dentist many times during their lifetime.

They tend to deal with tartar and other dental issues, and in addition to that, they tend to have genetic disorders.

You need to check with your breeder or vet for more information on your Yorkies’ health problems. The typical lifespan of any Yorkies can reach up to 11- 15 years, and you can usually expect them to stay by your side for a good long time.

Yorkshire Terrier Appearance

Yorkshire Terriers are known for their size, and they are one of the most miniature dog breeds out there. They only measure 7-10 inches tall, with adults weighing no more than 7 pounds. Most Yorkies have high confidence thanks to their high head carriage and compact and even proportioned shape.

They are low-slung with a straight back and a small head as they carry it high with v-shaped ears. Their tails stand up tall too, and their signature characteristic is their fine, straight, and floor-length coat. As mentioned above, it is similar to human hair, which means they are semi-hypoallergenic.

Yorkies have dark grey to black hair on their back, and they have a golden color on their limbs, chest, and face. Yorkies are usually groomed so that their coats properly fall evenly on either side of their body.

They can be trimmed to have shorter hair because when left long, they can be pretty messy. The hair on Yorkies’ heads is often tied up with a ribbon to keep it out of their eyes and add to their cute appearance.

The Personality Of Yorkshire Terriers

Most Yorkies are very active, and they are true to their roots as vermin hunters, and they need some daily walk for their stimulation. Fun and games are a much-needed activity and serve as a bonus.

They might look for some other people, and they are, but because of their small stature, they will boss you around.

Proper training and enough socialization can help you big time. Just be mindful that Yorkies crave too much attention whenever you are around. This basically includes some unwanted yapping, but with regular training, you will teach them to behave and be more affectionate.

Ideal Environment For A Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers were initially bred to be ratters in textile mills and mines, but nowadays, they are household pets. Because Yorkies are tiny in their physique and their low-allergen coat is pleasing to other pet lovers, this makes them popular apartment dogs.

Although, they can also be quite the little watchdogs, and they can quickly react to noises. Whether you are in an apartment or a big house, Yorkies need environments with plenty of mental stimulation. This is much needed as it can benefit them from socializing and training.

Even though many Yorkies might not need much space, there are still Terriers and need to have enough exercise. Access to outdoor space for playtime and walks will keep your Yorkie active. Just be mindful that they may be sensitive to cold, so you need to put them in proper attire if it’s chilly outside.

Ideal Human For A Yorkshire Terrier

If you live in a city looking for a fun-loving, small stature dog to share, you might need to consider getting a Yorkshire Terrier. Yorkies are known to be naturally curious, which makes them great playmates. It would help if you were careful, as they can be prone to digging their way out of your garden. 

Another thing that you need to consider, if you are prepared to have a dog with a more significant life personality, then Yorkie will be your answer.

Yorkies are known to bond better when they grow up with other pets or small human beings. They tend to be a little possessive and territorial, so you need always to keep them in check.

Yorkshire Terrier Training

Speaking of keeping them in check, Yorkshire Terriers are intelligent and entertaining little dogs. They will always be a fun playmate, and you will enjoy learning a few tricks together.

When it comes to obedience training, you need to show confident leadership. You will be surprised that many Yorkies are not too hard to train.

Just be aware of giving into their cuteness, or else you may find that they start to misbehave to get more of what they want. They can sometimes be challenging to housebreak, so you need to be alert and stay patient.

Yorkshire Terrier Grooming

The signature Yorkie coat is the most known physical attribute of a Yorkshire Terrier when grooming. The hair on top of the head should always be trimmed or pulled up to avoid eye irritation.

You need to keep it clean, healthy, and even tangle-free, just like human hair. You also need to brush them daily and put them in a bath every week or two and add conditioner in the mix.

Some Yorkies actually find professional grooming worthwhile to keep their dogs in their best shape. Like many dogs, Yorkies need regular nail trimming and have their teeth brushed for dental health.

Yorkshire Terrier Health

Yorkies are known to have some issues with their health, and due to their short and brittle limbs, they are prone to knee issues. This kind of condition is known to be luxating patellas, and you should be careful not to let your Yorkie jump in high places. Another thing they are known for is that their eyes are prone to deteriorate fast.

Many responsible breeders will tell you all about the medical history of your puppy. They sometimes even have screened precisely for some common issues this breed can face. Yorkies are a healthy breed, but many pet parents opt for pet health insurance just in case to save the bucks.

The History Of Yorkies

Yorkshire Terriers are pretty known all the way back in 19th century England. They are intentionally bred from a wide range of Terriers, including the Black and Tan Terrier and the Waterside Terrier. They usually go with their owner in the Northern part of England when mining underground is a thing.

Yorkies are tiny and nimble, so they help workers chase and catch rodents in different factories and mine grounds. But before the end of the century, helped along the way with breed recognition, this delicately featured Terrier had taken up space in different houses.

Soon after, Yorkies made their way to the United States, where they have won their way into American hearts. These days, they are among the most popular breeds in the country and even around the world.

Getting A Yorkshire Terrier

Finding a Yorkie puppy or even an adult one can be as easy and at your fingertips, literally. All you need to do is search it online but be careful with the puppy mills and internet scams.

There are many ways to find a reputable breeder, and it is vital to ask around the area. You need to visit before committing to payment and always trust your gut. In addition to that, there are many Yorkies available from many rescue organizations.

Yorkie Rescues

As mentioned above, Yorkies are probably the most popular dog breed out there, and you can find them anywhere. This also includes the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America in the rescue groups keeps an updated list of Yorkies rescue.

According to AKC, most breed rescues report that most rescue dogs come from individual owners surrender.

Owner surrendered dogs frequently come with some basic obedience training and proper socialization skills. In addition to that, Yorkies are known to be fast learners, so you can continue to train with your rescue pup no matter how much experience they have.

Yorkie Breeders

If you are looking for Yokie Breeders, the AKC has a search tool that is reputable and near you. It is vital to research and check for any references to avoid puppy mills and online scams.

When you find a trustworthy breeder, always ask questions, and make arrangements to meet the parent dogs or mother in person.


Overall, Yorkshire Terriers are known for many things, and they are very distinct, so you know when you see one in the street. They have coat-like human hair, and you can see an adorable topknot above their head.

Physical characteristics can be pretty obvious when you see a Yorkie, but you also need to check their traits and personality to get to know them better.