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What Do Yorkies Like?

Yorkshire Terriers are known to be tiny dogs that are very energetic, curious, and cheerful. They have a strong prey drive from their genes to eliminate all small vermin in mines and factories.

These attributes make Yorkies a fun companion and friend, but they need regular exercise and playtime to keep their overall health at an optimal level.

What do Yorkies like?  Yorkies enjoy playing around regardless if it is indoors or outdoors. They love to play with toys and catch sprinklers. Even if it is just a regular walk, they enjoy doing it to enjoy nature and mingle with other people and dogs.

For this article, you will learn what Yorkies do like for fun, and this includes different activities and some toys. Adding this to your Yorkies’ activities will brighten up their daily lives, and both parties will definitely enjoy it.

What Yorkshire Terriers Do For Fun?

Many dog lovers will agree that having a Yorkie is the most adorable thing you can do when deciding to have a pet. They are considered the most amenable friend to have, and there is no other person or pet that is the perfect companion.

Going on a road trip or out-of-town trips will benefit not only your mental health but also your little furry friend.

It is an important activity because it can improve your pet’s mental strength and overall physical stimulation. Here are other things you should know that many Yorkshire Terriers like to do:

Watching Television

Television has been a part of people’s lives for more than half a century now, and believe it or not, Yorkies love to watch TV. Many people leave their television on for their little furries to enjoy while they are doing other things.

For the most part, Yorkies cannot see or understand them the way humans do. But that doesn’t mean they do not appreciate the light, the colors, and most importantly, the sound of it.

Many experts believed that Yorkies do love the idea of watching television. It turns out that it can fight boredom and even help them relax in certain situations.

They might not know exactly what is happening, but they appreciate and like the change of scenery from one color to another. For them, this serves as mental stimulation and is probably why they enjoy looking at it.

Playing In The Park

Yorkies love physical activities, including playing in the park where they can be free without their leash. Many dog parks are becoming most common in different big cities, and these are secured with proper fences and safety signs.

Yorkies enjoy the idea of being able to go around wherever they want and meet other people. You only need to pay attention to them as Yorkies always tend to be too playful and might injure themselves unintentionally.

Flyball With Yorkies

Flyball is among the most popular dog games that many Yorkies tend to like. Yorkies love to play around and jump all the time because they are the most hyper dog breeds.

It is regardless of their small physique. Flyball is a relay race requiring your pet to catch any ball. Many dogs who like to chase balls will have the most fun times in this kind of game. This is also a perfect choice if you want to burn and release some pent-up energy stored in your dog’s body.

Frisbee With Yorkies

Another physical activity that many Yorkies enjoy is Frisbee, as Yorkies love to catch a disc while their owner throws it at them. There are some instances where some Yorkies won’t even allow their owners to play it without them.

Frisbee is an excellent form of exercise for Yorkies, and it gives you more bonding time with your Yorkie.

You need to be aware of this physical ability as it can be an extensive activity for them. Consult your veterinarian first if this is a good exercise or sport for your dog.

Game Of Find The Treats

Yorkies like nose work games, and this is actually why they are bred in the first place. This kind of activity is imprinted in their genes. It is because they used to find vermin in the mines during the 19th century.

This activity is a fun experience for your Yorkie because they get to find their treat and enhance their natural ability.

Yorkies are into the idea of anticipation and pleasing their owners once they can find the treat. They bring it to their owner and show it to them before consuming it to get more praise. It is because, for them, the more compliments they can get, the more dog treats they can have.

Daily Walk

Yorkies love to play outside and explore their neighborhood. Having a daily walk might not be exciting for many dog owners, but for your Yorkies, this is one of the activities that they are most looking forward to.

It is crucial and essential for them because this is a form of exercise and a way to ease some tension or anxiety in their body.

In addition to that, it gives them a breath of fresh air as they are usually confined in your house. They can smell and sniff your surroundings, and it is an excellent way of bonding for you and your furry friend.

Obstacle Course

The game of obstacle courses is among those activities where dogs are always keen on. Having the proper training and treats, Yorkies will go over the moon with this.

The idea of jumping through many obstacles and hoops actually fascinates them. It is because they like the idea of running around and trying to figure out the obstacle. After all, they knew they would get a prize in the end.

Yorkies are known to be jumpers and have high energy, so whenever there is a chance they get to do that, they will. It is a very active activity; this can help them loosen up and those energies and help them build muscle.


When you’re a child, you might love the game hide and seek, which can also be fun times for your dogs. Yorkies love playing hide and seek, and they like to play it with their owner. It is perfect timing to teach them some commands while at the same time having fun with them.

It is because Yorkies like to find a way to make themselves active and busy. So while they enjoy running all over the place looking for anything to sniff, they can do other things. Hide and seek is an excellent exercise for their body. They can put it into an activity where you both can benefit from each other.

Treat Toys

Humans are taught not to play with their foods on the table, but that does not apply to Yorkies. Yorkies like to chew and then play with their food whenever they can. They want this activity because not only can they get a treat out of it, but they can also bite and chew on things.

This is where a Chew Toy will come in handy, and other treat toys available online and in your supermarket. Some toys can dispense a treat while playing it, which can be a surprise to your Yorkie. Not only will they get their stomach full, but they can also develop critical thinking.

Play With The Sprinklers

If you have a backyard or a lawn, this can be quite advantageous when you have a dog, especially a Yorkie. You can actually have them roam around the area and play without strict supervision.

A lawn comes with a sprinkler system, and this allows your Yorkie to play around with them non-stop. If they are activated, you will see them jumping around, trying to bite the water from the sprinklers.

Doggie Play Date

Your Yorkie will thank you if you give them a break and have some doggie play date. Yorkies love the presence of any human and other people’s dogs.

They are pretty friendly and will always play around with anyone around them. This kind of activity will help them to form bonds and escape from their routine schedule. They can also enjoy some interaction with other canines and people.

Best Dog Toys For Yorkies

Yorkshire Terriers are bred to hunt down vermin in mines and other farmlands. Nowadays, Yorkies are among the most treasured lap dogs and a favorite breed preferred by many Americans.

They are tiny, challenging, sometimes shy, but a Yorkies personality and instinct will heavily rely on their toy choices.

Yorkies love to chase, search, and catch their prey. There are different toy options to choose from that include balls, plush toys, and puzzle toys. These toys are made to satisfy your Yorkies’ prey drive in the most adorable method.

Heavy Duty Rope Dog Toy With Tug

Despite its lackluster appearance, this tug toy is one of the most popular rope dog toys out there. It is durable and interactive that can offer hours of fun for you and your Yorkies.

Busy Buddy Barnacle Toy

This bouncy little toy from PetSafe will pique your Yorkie’s interest because of its unpredictable bounces. All of its angles are made in many ways for your Yorkie’s little paws to grip and hold, and the best part of this toy is that they are playing at the same time getting treats.

Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Toy

It is one of the most expensive toys on this list, but it is considered the most practical and functional. It might be sad for many dog owners that they cannot cuddle with their little furries 24/7. This clever toy will give your Yorkie the comfort that they crave when you are not around.

This popular behavioral aid toy from Snuggle Puppy can provide your anxious pup with the feeling of a life companion. This cute little plush pup toy is stuffed with some goodies that can mimic the heartbeat and offer them warmth.

This behavioral aid toy can address whining, barking, and helping them to sleep through the night.

Pet Qwerks Talking Babble Ball Toy

For many Yorkies who love balls and some intriguing sounds, then this little ball is the right one for you. This ball will engage your Yorkie in different ways as it offers different features that your Yorkie will like.

When your little Yorkie bats or pick up this toy, the ball will emit a noise that can interest dogs.

KONG Classic Puppy Dog Toy

It is probably one of the classic and incredibly durable dog toys out there. Every Yorkie needs a KONG dog toy as it is fun to chase well for indoors and outdoors use. It has pocket stuff where you can put peanut butter, treats, and your Yorkies favorite bites.

Babble Ball Toy

Babble Balls are interactive toys that can talk when you touch them or get triggered by vibration or sound. Your Yorkie will think of this ball like a living creature as it calls them to chase, track, and jump all around your home.

It has more than twenty different wisecracks or sounds that your Yorkie will surely love. In addition to that, when your pup is done, the Babble Ball automatically turns itself off until the next swat or playtime.

Hide-A-Squirrel Puzzle Toy

The Hide-A-Squirrel dog puzzle is probably the most famous puzzle toy for dogs. This dog puzzle is an easy way to get your Yorkies engaged for hours of fun.

You only need to fill the tree trunk with the available six stuffed squeaky squirrels. Then you can toss it and let your Yorkies’ natural hunting skills flourish.

This will keep their boredom at bay, and your Yorkies will be mentally stimulated while feeding their natural drive to hunt. The silky plush fur texture is easy for their teeth, so you won’t have to worry about damaging them.

It is an excellent choice for both puppies and adult Yorkies as it gives them time to play and think.

Furbo Interactive Dog Camera

This dog camera is probably the most interactive toy out there developed in the 21st century. Using a free app, you can interact with a two-way talk, toss a treat, and take a photo or video.

You can fill the Furbo with 100 pieces of your dog’s favorite treats and play a game with them of catch. Using this toy, you can also check your Yorkie and monitor their activity with a full HD resolution.

Furbo sends alerts if it also detects movements such as chewing cords. It also can send a barking alert to notify you when your pup is actually upset. You can also use it to send a note if your Yorkie is in danger in the house, like a house fire or even an intruder.

Wickedbone Smart Bone

Wickedbone smart bone can be summarized into three categories: intelligent, interactive, and drive mode. In terms of intelligence, this is programmed to attract your Yorkies’ attention, and it does not require manual operation.

It reacts to different types of touch, is always in playful mode, and loves to engage with your Yorkies.

Using the app, you can move the toy using a virtual joystick. There are nine available motions to choose from the app, and soon you will be able to create your own combinations that work for both of you.

The Importance Of Fun Times For Yorkies

Playing and having the best time with your Yorkie can eliminate all the stress of any individual, regardless if you are a human or a dog.

It can be applied to dogs, and incorporating them in different forms of activity will benefit them in the long run. This can affect their body and be able to develop a healthy and loving personality.

In terms of physical health, having these playtimes will make your Yorkies’ heart-healthy, and their joints will be adequately lubricated.

It can also improve their overall balance and coordination while they are playing and moving around. In terms of mental health, games can improve your Yorkies’ brain, and it will help them be more focused, smart, and attentive.


To sum it up, Yorkies are fun-loving canines, and having lots of activities built for them will make them healthy and happy. Yorkies tend to develop a lot of energy inside them, which needs to be released differently.

Once they are adequately taken care of, you will get the positive energy you are looking for, and both of you will be happy. Yorkies love to do many things, so you might need to make a plan to help them achieve all of it.

It is essential because it improves their quality of life and becomes a great bonding experience for both of you.